Frequently Asked Questions

What time does it start?

Final race briefing is at 4:45am at Bayview Station, Race starts at 5am. Info found here:

When does my team pick up the race pack?

Race packs can be collected from the Hastings Fire Station on Friday 27th September between 4-6pm. There will be a team managers briefing at 6pm. This is where team managers will get any last minute information regarding the race and can ask any questions.

What if we have changes to our team?

Your team manager can email the event organisier anytime before Friday 27th September- Otherwise final changes can be made when collecting your race pack.

What are the distances for each leg?

All distances and leg descriptions can be found here:

Can some or all of my team walk the race?

Yes you can. We have the cut off times at each transition leg to accommodate those that may be slower.

Cut off time: If your runner has finished the leg before the cut off time, they just tag their teammate and the next runner carries on. If your runner is not there by this time, then your next team runner will be started at the allocated cut off time. When your runner does arrive your team time will be calculated accordingly to include their correct time. Most teams will be able to make the cut off times, but it also means those teams that are a bit slower still get to take part and won’t be running on their own the whole way.

Cut off times can be found here:

What if myself or a team mate doesn’t make it to the transition before the cut off time?

Don’t stress. The cut off times are put in place to ensure the race doesn’t get too stretched out. If you or your team mate hasn’t arrived at the transition before the cut off time, your next runner will leave, and when you runner does arrive at the end of their leg, the team time will be calculated accordingly.

Can someone run two legs in a row?

No. With an event that is 100km long it is important from a Health and Safety perspective that all participants are contained in a set area throughout the course. This ensures that Traffic Management is always where it needs to be and is protecting participants without being too stretched out. The cut off times and Holding Pens are put in place to accommodate this. There must always be a change of runner at each transition.

How does my whole team get around the course?

It is the responsibility of each team to get themselves to each transition and around the course. There are many different ways to do this, however we would suggest that you divide your team into 2-3 vehicles, depending on the size of your team.

Between the team, ensure that there is one vehicle ahead of the race so the next runner is dropped off at the start of their transition either before their team mate arrives, or before the cut off time- whichever comes first; and ensure one vehicle hangs behind to pick up their runners who have finished their leg.

Can two people from one team do the same leg together?

Yes. Only one team member is to wear the race bib. Each team will be given 2 race bib numbers in their race packs. It is up to your team to ensure that each new runner is wearing a race number. i.e- Leg 1 runner is wearing the bib when running while leg 2 has their second bib on and waiting at transition. Once  leg one runner has finished, they will take off the race bib and give it to leg 3 runner who will then wait for the leg 2 runner to arrive at the transition etc.

Can one person be in two teams?

Yes. However, it will take some organising on your part. It may pay to do an early leg for one team and a later leg for another, just to ensure you are at the start of your transitions in time.