Course Info

The course is just short of 100km, made up of 14 legs ranging between approximately 5-10km and utilises the i-Ways, parks, walking tracks and incorporates as many hills as possible. This is to show off our beautiful landscape and views that Hawkes Bay has to offer, and to keep runners off roads where possible.

With an event that is 100km long it is important from a Health and Safety perspective that all participants are contained in a set area throughout the course. This ensures that Traffic Management is always where it needs to be and is protecting participants without being too stretched out. The cut off times and Holding Pens are explained below. Please remember that these times have been put in place for your safety and for overall course management. This is also why the rule of not being able to run more than one leg at a time has also been put into place.

Walkers: Any walkers in a team will all start their leg at a set time. This is put in place so that no walkers are left out on the course by themselves at the end of their leg. Please see ‘The Expected Start Times’ to know start times for each leg.

Cut off time:Each leg has a cut off time. This allows the race to be kept contained without it getting too stretched out.
If your runner/walker has finished their leg before the cut off time, they just tag their next teammate and that runner/walker starts their leg (normal relay style).
If your runner/walker has not finished their leg by the cut off time, then your next team member who is waiting to begin their leg will be started at the allocated cut off time. When your runner does arrive at the transition point, their time will be calculated accordingly and added to their team’s overall time. Most teams will be able to make the cut off times, but it also means those teams that are a bit slower can still take part and won’t be running the whole way on their own.

Holding Pens: It doesn’t matter what time your runner arrives; the whole group will begin that leg at the time stated below. This effectively creates a group start and “resets” the course. Don’t worry your times will be calculated and you don’t lose any of your momentum. It does ensure that traffic management, marshals and safety measures are in place for the next section of the course. Think of it as giving your support crew and runners a chance to get some supplies and enjoy seeing what HB has to offer. It also means that the winning teams will be a bit of a mystery until the prize giving – adds to the suspense eh?

Marshals: There will be specific marshals along the course that are there to stop Relay participants for safety reasons. If a team member does not abide by the Marshals instructions, a time penalty will be given to that team.

If that team does this a second time, that team will be disqualified from the race for unsafe practices.