5.9k Easy

Easy 5.9 km run. 500 m steep track to top, easy downhill and round base to transition.

Runners and Walkers Mass Start Time:
5.00 am


  • Starting at Bayview Station, head south down Main North Road;
  • Right into Onehunga Road;
  • Left into the Whakamaharatanga Walkway; Through the gates, straight up the hill track in front of you; Follow track to the top, then down the other side to the base track;
  • Right on the base track. Follow base track back to the Whakamaharatanga gates. Keep following base of hill 50 m past the gates to the transition point for the start of Leg 2.

Parking: Along Petane Rd and Sheehan St

Approx 7.3Km Easy

Easy flat run on limestone tracks. No traffic.

Runners estimated to start between:
5:20 – 5:45 am

All walkers for this leg will start together at 5:30am

Follow the limestone and boardwalk tracks for a scenic wetlands course. This will take you all the way to the transition for the start of leg 3.

Parking: Whakamaharatanga Walkway entrance or along Onehunga Rd.

Approx 4.8K Easy

Easy Flat limestone path.

Runners estimated to start between:
5:50 – 6.30 am

All walkers for this leg will start together at 6:00am.


From Airport, follow the limestone track. Cross Watchman Road and follow Ahuriri Lagoon to Ahuriri Lagoon Bridge. Go up onto track and start heading clockwise around Pandora Pond. Transition will be at the end of Humber St.

Hawke’s Bay Airport main carpark- each team will be given one token to release their car -free of charge- from the carpark.

Approx 9.3K Moderate

Majority is long and flat with a steep climb and then descend into transition

Runners estimated to start between:
6:10 – 7:00am

All walkers for this leg will start together at 6:15am.


  • From transition, keep following Pandora Pond clockwise until Ahuriri lagoon bridge. Make way under bridge to come out on the southern side of the Expressway.
  • Enter Lagoon farm track by taking first gate on your right and follow Lagoon Farm Track anti-clockwise.
  • Turn right into Cato Rd and enter cemetery, making way to the top exit on Fryer Rd.
  • Take sharp left at exit to meet gravel path and descend down to Prebensen drive and enter Park Island via Clyde Jeffery Rd. Follow the road to the next transition.

Along Humber St next to Pandora Pond

Approx 6.2K Easy

Start with stairs to get the blood pumping, then an easy flat to Napier Fire Station.

Runners estimated to start between:
6:45 – 8:15am

All walkers for this leg will start together at 7:00am.


  • At the top of the stairs take the right track and follow to the end.
  • Descend down the steps and follow bottom path to the left.
  • At the clearing between the two hills, take the stairs ahead of you and follow the track around the second hill until it joins Prebensen Drive.
  • Follow Prebensen Drive to the back of Napier Fire Station to the transition.

Parking: The large carpark next to the toilet block.

Approx 5.85K Hard

This has two steep hills and a long stair ascend.

Runners and walkers mass start: 9am


  • All runners will start together at 9am as a mass start from the bottom to the top of Main St and turn right at the top following road down to the Botanical Gardens.
  • Head up through the Botanical Gardens to Napier Terrace then down Burlington, and Right onto Battery heading up Seapoint.
  • Following road until Bluff Hill lookout stairs. Ascend stairs, then follow track under road to Lighthouse Rd.
  • Turn left at Priestley Terrace, and take path 100m on the right to Coote Rd. Run down Coote, and turn right onto Marine Parade, cross in front of The Napier War Memorial Conference Center and transition at The Sound Shell.

Napier Fire Station. All runners of this leg will leave Napier Station at 8:45 to walk to the start of the leg (at the bottom of Main Street).

Approx 5.8K Easy

Straight, flat run.

Runners estimated to start between:
9:20 – 9:45am

All walkers for this leg will start together at 9:30am.


  • From the Sound Shell, runners will join the i-Way and run south all the way to the Awatoto transition.

Parking: Along Marine Parade and the carpark behind Ocean Spa

Approx 6.1K Easy

Flat run, mainly on limestone.

Runners estimated to start between:
9:45 – 10:15am

All walkers for this leg will start together at 10:00am.

From Awatoto, race participants will run through the Waitangi Reserve, then follow the limestone track to Clive.

In the beach access carpark, 5.8km south of The Sound Shell.

Approx 8.35K Easy

Flat run, mainly on limestone.

Runners estimated to start between:
10:10 – 11:00am

All walkers for this leg will start together at 10:15am.


  • From Clive Reserve, runners will follow the limestone track beside the water, staying on the track to come out by the Haumoana Transfer Station.
  • Crossing over Black Bridge then looping under the bridge to head back towards the ocean along the river to Haumoana Fire Station.

The Clive Bridge Reserve carpark.

Approx 10.2Km Easy

Flat run, mainly on limestone.

Runners and walkers mass start time:


  • From Haumoana Fire Station, follow the track back to Black Bridge.
  • Crossing over Black Bridge then following the limestone track towards Havelock North to Riverlands.

Haumoana Station.

Approx 7.38Km Extremely Difficult

Gradual incline from Riverlands to the bottom of Durham Drive, then an long steep climb to Te Mata Peak.

***Warning*** this leg is extremely tough as it is a long uphill slog. We recommend an experienced runner do this section. And if it is a hot day, stay hydrated.

Runners estimated to start between:
12:40 – 1:30pm

All walkers for this leg will start together at 12:45pm.


  • From Riverlands, head up Te Mata Road to Durham Drive.
  • Turning into Durham Drive, follow all the way up to the end of the road.
  • Enter the private road ‘Te Puna’ and at the very top, turn left House #374, over the fence then up to Te Mata Peak.

Riverlands Carpark- turn into River Rd off Te Mata Mangateretere Rd, continue straight on the road, down the sweeping bend to the carpark.

Approx 8.7Km Moderate

An undulating run through beautiful reserves before heading into Havelock North.

Runners estimated to start between:
1:10 – 2:15pm

All walkers for this leg will start together at 1:15pm.


  • From Te Mata Peak, follow the Windy Ridge track down to Chambers Walk then head out to Tauroa Rd.
  • Follow track from Tauroa Rd to Hikanui Drive and enter Tainui Reserve.
    Run through Tainui Reserve and exit out of the Tainui Dr carpark, heading downhill to Awarua Cres and enter Tainui Reserve again and run through to Keirunga Rd.
  • Enter Keirunga Gardens, run through the gardens and exit onto Tanner St.
  • Turn into Joll Rd and right into Campbell St to finish at Havelock North Primary.

Te Mata Peak carpark. There are limited carparks available. From here it is either a 5-10 minute walk to the transition, or take the HB Hundy supplied shuttle van from the car park to the transition.

Approx 5Km Easy

Flat run along limestone track and on footpath.

Runners and walkers mass start:


  • From Havelock North Fire Station, heading over Havelock Bridge, then down along Karamu Stream to Crosses Rd.
  • Run along Crosses Rd, turning left onto St Georges Road, then Right into Ada St, to Windsor Park.

Parking: Havelock North Fire Station

Approx 7.1Km Easy

Flat run, watch out for traffic.

Runners estimated to start between:

All walkers for this leg will start together at 3:45pm.


  • From Windsor Park transition, follow park path clockwise around the outside of Splash Planet to Jervois St.
  • Run down Jervois St, crossing Karamu Rd at the pedestrian crossing, turning left into Charlotte Cres, and right into Caroline Rd.
  • Turn left onto Fredrick St, over the railway lines and then left into Nelson St.
  • Take second right into Cornwall Road and enter Cornwall Park, exiting over the pedestrian crossing on Tomoana Rd.
  • Take left into Duke, and left at the end of the road onto Pakowhai.
  • Cross pedestrian crossing and right into Lyndhurst, entering Frimley Park.
  • Exit Frimley Park into Hapuku St, left into Omahu Rd, cross at pedestrian crossing and right into McLeod before entering Hastings Fire Station for the finish!

Parking: Splash Planet Car Park

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