Race Briefing & Rules

Event Timetable

Thursday 23 September 2021

4pm – 6pmTeam Registration and race pack collection. Team changes made now.

Friday 24 September 2021

4pm – 6pm Team Registration and race pack collection. Team changes made now.
6pm Event Briefing at Hastings Fire Station. All Team Managers to Attend.
7pm Final Briefing for all Event Section Managers

Saturday 25 September 2021

4.45am Final Briefing before start, any changes to course overnight
5am Relay Start
5pm Course Closed – all runners should be finished
5:30pm Prize Giving


Thank you for taking part in this year’s Hawke’s Bay Hundy Team Relay. It is important that you read this briefing to ensure your own safety. It is important that you listen to the verbal Race Briefing fifteen minutes before the start of your event just in case something has happened that you need to be made aware of.

1. Please make sure you run on the footpaths, walkway, limestone track and grass verge when you are participating. No roads are closed and you must keep off the road where ever this is possible.

2. There are some major roads where Traffic Management has been put in place to ensure your safety when you are crossing. You must cross at these designated points and abide by marshals’ instructions. Please note that Traffic WILL NOT be stopped for you. You will be told when it is safe to continue and cross a road. There are some runner management practices that will be in place. Some of these will be shown on the course maps but they will include but not be limited to the following processes:

  • No Runner will be able to run more than one stage at a time. This means that you must always tag a new runner at each designated tag point.
  • Cut off times will be in place for each section. If you do not make the cut off time before finishing your leg, your next runner will be sent off and your times will be calculated accordingly to include your finish time. This is to ensure that no teams are left on their own at the end of the day. It also keeps the teams together and makes it safer to manage runners and the course.
  • Any team member that will be walking their leg, will be leaving at an allocated time. Please ensure that any walker’s in your team are at the start of their leg before this time, so they are warmed up and ready to go. This is to ensure that walkers can be involved without being made to feel rushed, or that the transition teams are packing up before they get in. We want all race participants to feel special on the day. This start time is purely for walkers. It does not mean that teams will be getting an advantage by leaving at this time.
  • There will be three ‘Holding Pen’ sections. This means that no matter how far ahead your runner is from other teams, all runners will be stopped at these designated stages and the race will begin again at the pre-set time with all runners starting at the same time. This is to ensure that the runners are not too spread out on the course and management of road crossings are condensed to a shorter time period. All times will be calculated so the faster teams will still have their times calculated to show their lead over the whole distance. This is part of the Health and Safety Plan and therefore will be strictly adhered too.
  • Cut Off Times and Holding Pens will be identified on the Course Information. Please ensure your team number is given to the Timing Marshal when you finish each section.

3. There will be arrows and marshals along the course. These will direct you at strategic areas. Please look for these arrows and abide by marshals’ instructions. If race participants take a wrong turn, due to not sighting an arrow, or not listening to a marshal, then it is at their own risk, and team times will not be adjusted. Therefore, it is important that all runners are familiar with their leg. If not, it is advised that runners have a go at their leg before race day.

4. If you are injured or cannot continue you may be subbed by another runner from your team. If you require more medical assistance, please contact the Race Director or Dial 111. Your team must have their own support vehicle which must contain a first aid kit containing strapping tape, ice packs and any other supplies you may need. Please ensure that your support vehicle has food and sufficient hydration available. You must also have warm clothes or blankets for runners should weather become cold or wet.

5. Please ensure you bring your team list, filled out and signed to registration on the Thursday or Friday evening at the Hastings Fire Station.

6. Aid stations will be provided at all five Fire Stations. Your team is expected to carry any food, water or support along the way.

7. If you need any assistance and it is urgent contact the Race Director

8. For those runners taking part in Stage 1-2 it is compulsory that torches or headlamps are worn/carried. Runners must also have some form of reflective tape on their clothing.

9. Shoes must be worn at all times on the course. No Shoes – No run!

10. The course is closed at 5pm. Cut off times are enforced at each stage to ensure teams all finish by this time. This is a Health and Safety requirement.

11. Prizes will be awarded for the following Categories:

Highest team fundraiser

1st, 2nd and 3rd Team overall

(please note- although each runner from your team may time their run, and you add these times up to get your overall team time, this will be different to the time that may be calculated for your team for the event. Each runner’s leg will be timed only in minutes, so there could be a 14 minute difference overall.)

12. Spot Prizes drawn from all registered runners who take part on the day. Teams that register but do not attend will not be eligible. Runners must be at the prize giving to be eligible to receive spot prizes. If your name is drawn and you are not at the prize giving that prize will be re-drawn.

13. Team Complaints must be submitted to the Race Director by 5.15pm at the latest. These complaints will be considered by the Race Director and Section Managers as suitable to the nature of the complaint. The Race Director’s decision is final. Should a complaint be upheld, all parties will be notified prior to the prize giving.

14. Results will be published on the website after the prize giving.


Please take the time to look at the website to understand the purpose of this event and the charity that this event is supporting. This event wants to create a culture of team work, support, understanding and healthy lifestyles which create wellness. We encourage you to fundraise for the charity that we are supporting and links for this are on the website.

Please take time to note who our sponsors are. They have taken the time to support our event and your support of them would be amazing.



Event t-shirts are available to be purchased from https://highernz.com/collections/hawkes-bay-hundy-run. The last day for these orders will be Wednesday 8th September. All proceeds from the sale of t-shirts will go directly to the STAROS.

Food & Drink

Food and drink will be available for sale at the finish area from 4pm.


Please note that the prize giving is a Smoke Free function. Families will be encouraged to attend the prize giving. Should the weather make it impossible to hold the prize giving at the Hastings Fire Station there will be an alternate venue available which will be notified to all team managers.